Mathematical Algorithmic Optimization - Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg


Block Course: Nonlinear Optimization



The course will be jointly organized by the work groups of Stefan Körkel and Sebastian Sager.

Preliminary Program

Time Monday, 7.2. Tuesday, 8.2. Wednesday, 9.2.
09h00-10h00 Sager/Körkel: Introduction Sager: Unconstrained Optimization Körkel: Globalization
10h00-10h15 Coffee break
10h15-11h15 Körkel: Derivative free optimization Körkel: Constrained Optimization Sager: Interior Point Methods
11h15-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-12h30 Sager: Linear Programming Körkel: Sequential Quadratic Programming Sager: Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-18h00 Practical exercises: Octave Practical exercises: AMPL Practical exercises: case studies


Slides are available on this password restricted page for participants. An evaluation of the participants' feedback has been performed.

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