Mathematical Algorithmic Optimization - Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg



The main focus of the group is on the application driven development of optimization methods, and their efficient implementation on computers. We believe in the potential of multi-disciplinary cooperation between partners with a profound disciplinary expertise and value the mutual benefit for both sides: novel, innovative approaches and insights in the application field by means of optimization; and a demand/feedback effect that stimulates the development of new methodologies in applied mathematics.

Active research fields include

Main application areas are found in Medicine, Mobility, Energy and Chemical Engineering, and Economics. Challenging problems in these areas are treated in interdisciplinary cooperations with scientists from academia and industry. We are also interest in the question, how mathematical optimization relates to human decision making, compare the page on Complex Problem Solving.

Members of the group have been involved in industrial projects, e.g., with ABB, Air Berlin, BASF, Daimler, Deutsche Lufthansa, and Volkswagen. Industrial relevance of our mathematical and computational optimization algorithms is of utmost importance, and we are open for new collaborations.

Some current and finished projects are included in the research programs

Furthermore we appreciate research funding from the Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung, the Center for Dynamic Systems, and the International Max Planck Research School Magdeburg.

A (somewhat outdated) description of the group's research activities is available as a pdf file.

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