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News in 2018

New faces and completed theses

After a two year research stay in the United States at Argonne National Laboratory, Mirko Hahn joined our group in Magdeburg at the end of June to finish his PhD Thesis about efficient solution methods for optimization problems with integers and partial differential equations.

Dr. Felix Kehrle finished his PhD thesis on Inverse Simulation for Cardiac Arrhythmia.

PhD Flo

Felix Bernhardt successfully defended his Master's Thesis on Comparison of machine learning, domain-specific and hybrid models for discrimination of cardiac arrhythmias in which he extended the work of Flo Kehrle by applying machine learning algorithms. Starting in January 2019 he is a PhD student in our working group and will continue working on the intersection of machine learning and optimization applied to medical applications.

Conferences and Publications

In 2018 the members of the MATHOPT group joined several conferences and presented new research results. The conferences with its participating group members are listed below.

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