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Log file for 2021

Completion of theses

Benjamin Peters defended his thesis Monomial Patterns in Polynomial Optimization. He introduced a generalization of various concepts in polynomial optimization that is at the same time elegant, efficient, and stimulating for future research. Additional reviewers of the thesis were Gennadiy Averkov and Christoph Helmberg. Clemens Zeile defended his thesis Combinatorial Integral Decompositions for Mixed-Integer Optimal Control. He defined the new state-of-the-art in constrained mixed-integer optimal control and could solve challenging applications in mobility and cardiology. Additional reviewers of the thesis were Christian Kirches and Sven Leyffer.


Also several Master theses were successfully defended: Melina Licht (Modellbasierte Untersuchung von Cortisol in Zeitreihen), Christopher Puest (Lösung eines Optimierungsproblems zur Erkennung von Vorhofflattern mittels Dekomposition in quadratische Teilprobleme), and Adrian Reimann (Machine Learning Ansätze für Zeitreihen bei Akuter Lymphatischer Leukämie).

After finishing his Master's thesis about machine learning methods applied to time series in acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Adrian Reimann started in April to work as a PhD student in our working group and continues to do research in the intersection of machine learning and optimization applied to medical applications. Welcome to the group!


Clemens, Mirko, and Sebastian participated in the virtual SIAM CSE 2021 conference with talks in the minisymposia on mixed-integer PDE constrained optimization.

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